What is the Rally Crush?

What type of motorcycle do I need to participate to the Rally Crush?

A dual-sport bike plated for road use.

A navigation rally with Roadbook on a motorcycle

It’s a real motorcycle off-road Dakar style rally with a roadbook. The goal is to follow the roadbook without making mistakes. You think it’s easy? Come try it before registering to an African or South American rally!

3 difficulty levels


An intermediate off-road route during 2 days for big adventure bikes in the stunning scenery of Mauricie. You will need to use the roadbook and also punch at every points of control. The speed is not a factor in the results. If you want to be part of the adventure keeping both tires on asphalt or gravel roads…


An off-road route with technical navigation during 2 days for experienced riders. In addition to using the roadbook and the points of control, you have to participate in enduro type timed special tests.


An off-road route with technical navigation during 3 days for the ones for wants a higher challenge with longer days and more technical and with beautiful Special tests. For experienced riders only. Cyril Desprès has tested it before you… Come and measure yourself against the best!

Security before anything!

  • Every team is equipped with a GPS tag.
  • A guardian monitors the tags in real time and receives alerts.
  • The ambulance-helicopter service is provided.
  • Three teams of paramedics are moving on the route to follow teams at all time.
  • Assistance/Mechanical recovery is available during the event.

An endurance and precision test

The speed doesn’t count (except in closed course special tests). The challenge is to follow the directions on the roadbook as precisely as possible on an off-road route. Participants to the “Extreme” and “Pro” levels will need to face some hare-scramble type timed tests.

A central bivouac

After the effort, everyone meet to camp at the bivouac. It’s a special time to share your adventures and stories of the day. Accomodations is also available.

Technical special tests

Extreme and Pro riders will need to face special tests on closed course circuit to gain additional points. It can be an enduro course, a sand mountain to climb or anything else. Because unknown is also part of the adventure…

Closing festivities open to all

After the event, points are compiled for each teams, the more accurate riders are the winners. The awards recognizes the best in each category. This moment of recognition and sharing is followed by a closing dinner to allow everyone to network and exchange information for new off-road adventures.

There is 2 types of off-road motorcyclists: the ones who have participate to the Rally Crush and the others. Be part of team…