Driver license and proof of insurance

I also promise to supply a proof of my valid driver’s license and also a proof of a full motorcycle insurance.


Cancellation fees are 75$.

If a situation beyond our control where we would be unable to make the event, the total amount of your registration will be refunded.

Health problems

If you have any health problems or you’re taking special medications, please specify it when registering.


Adventix inc. is the promoter of the event RALLY CRUSH CANADA. Adventix inc. reserves the right to retain your details in its database for purposes of information and publicity . If you do not want to be part of our list of preferred customers, please to specify it. If you want to remove your details from this list, you can send us a message in the contact us section of the website. All pictures or videos captured during the event and showing one or more participant(s) can be used for promotional purposes. Participants who do not want their image to be used must notify the organizers.