• It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that his bike is regulatory and safe according to the laws in force.
  • Any complaint for non-compliance with regulations against any group or person must be notified the day of the offense to Marc Fontaine, event organizer, prior to 7PM. Complaints will be analyzed by a group of three people in the organization and will be treated with respect and integrity. This group gives a minimum of two hours to respond to the complaint.
  • Adventix Inc. reserves the right to change the rules at any time and make corrections if necessary.


Obligation to comply:

  • Stop at all control points to complete the form
  • Observe the route bounded by the banners or indicated by the arrows in the timed special.
  • Observe the traffic regulations and speed limits. Time and speed do not matter (except timed special but they are not on the road).
  • To assist a team in need (medical or mechanical). Help the teams preceding us if necessary.
  • Acting with courtesy and ask permission (or manifest yourself) before passing someone.
  • Wear proper motorcycle protective equipment (helmet, jersey, coat, pants, boots, gloves, goggles, knee pads, elbow pads). A hydration pack is highly recommended.


Elimination from the event:

  • Dangerous driving and excessive speed
  • Do not wheelie on roads in towns or close to chalets
  • Passing without the permission of the previous team
  • Do not assist a team in trouble
  • Lack of civility and respect

All details, rules and modes of operation will be reminded to the start of each day. Attendance at meetings is mandatory. Be on time for meetings.





Each driver will receive a scorecard every day. The cards will be indicated by the Day 1, 2 and 3. Participants of the Pro class will have three cards (Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3) while those participating in Extreme and Adventure will have two (day 2 and day 3).

It is the responsibility of the driver to keep this card, fix it on the motorcycle (ideally on the handlebars) and make it available to the various control points (eg, departure, arrival, timed special, calibration, etc.).

*** The loss of the card will cause the driver (and by extension the team) to be no longer eligible for the final prizes. The card must be returned at the finish line to the Rally staff. The driver can retrieve his card after the results have been generated. ***



The course is measured and includes a precise distance. The kilometers of each participant will be checked before and after each day of the event.

If the distance exceeds the kilometers determined by the organizers, 200 points per extra kilometers or missing kilometers will be awarded to the participant.

*** If an odometer is broken, the participant and his team will not be eligible for the final prize. The results will however be generated and can be viewed by excluding this aspect. ***



Since odometers vary considerably (reliability and validity), the course will include a calibration section on the first day (Day 1 for the PRO class drivers and day 2 for Extreme and Adventure categories).

This is a distance of 10 to 15 km from the start with a checkpoint to note the kilometers on the bike in order to establish for each of the participants a correction factor.

This correction factor will be applied to the number of kilometers throughout the day and the rally.

*** In the event that a driver would not stop at the ”calibration” checkpoint, the points awarded to the navigation cannot be counted. The driver and his team will then be excluded from the final price ***


Points for enduro style “timed special”

The participant will perform as fast as possible a section of the marked course. This section will be indicated with an “in” and an “out”.

The time of the participant will be TIMED in the second and final time will be postponed in seconds. One point will be awarded per second.

(Eg. Time 10 min and 32 sec = 632 sec, 10 sec x 60 + 32 sec = 632 POINTS)

*** A participant may decide not to make the Timed Special(s). His team, however, will not be eligible for the final prize ***



The participant must punch their card to each of the control points (specific locations of the course) that will be clearly identified. The success of the checkpoint will award bonus points (50 points will be deducted from the total at each checkpoint of the day). The number and location of the control points are known only by the organizers (hidden points).

*** A participant may decide not to do the control(s) point(s). This does not allow him to have bonus points. It is important to note that the target kilometers total is calculated according to these checkpoints ***


Departure and arrival of riders

Teams consist of three participants. The three participants have to start and pass the finish line together.

At the end of the rally, all accumulated points will be added. The three participants who completed the course with special timed with the SMALLER NUMBER of points accumulated for all days (Pro = 3 days Extreme and Adventure = 2 days) will be declared the winners of the rally.