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Quebec is a land of adventure and the Rally Crush Canada is it’s motorcycle rally!

Quebec has nothing to envy in Chili or Senegal for adventure. Those countries, which has hosted prestigious races such as DAKAR, have a common point with the « Belle Province »: vast stretches of desert areas. Except in Quebec, the desert sand is replaced by gravel, woods, water bodies as well as the hospitality of regions like « Haut-St-Maurice » and it’s cities of La Tuque and Parent.

The next edition will start in La Tuque and will be around « Haut-St-Maurice » only, giving the best of off-road part and also unknown landscapes of this forest region lined with countless lakes.

The Rally Crush Canada is a competition with points logged but it’s not a speed race. The Rally Crush Canada is not only a number of points on a scorecard, it’s a meeting point for all off-road motorcycle enthusiastic. A weekend where friendships are forged, the place where you can meet new road fellows and where the brain is loaded with unforgettable memories



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